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Mentoring is not helping to choose between option A or B; it is showing the spectrum of options.

People often think in option A or B. Perhaps they consider C.

They also think the job of a mentor is providing them arguments to choose for an option. Preferably their already favorite option.

Some time ago an entrepreneur saw his cofounder leave and asked me how he could fight for the IP. In stead I advised to give his cofounder all IP rights in Asia (the cofounder went to Singapore) and focus himself on building the company, in Europe & the US.

Of course this make sense only if you know their situation, opportunities and goals in detail. 

When advising or mentoring you sometimes need to bring focus, but sometimes there is more value in broadening someone’s horizon.

Personally, my horizon is broadened in many ways. By talking to smart people, but also by watching movies and series. ‘Suits’, with the wise Harvey Specter, is a favorite ;).