Arthur is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met throughout my entrepreneurial network! He knows how to deliver a killer elevator pitch or business idea, and he has the skills to teach you exactly how to do that. Guenevere¬†Prawiroatmodjo, researcher TU Delft

Arthur is a very valuable start-up advisor. He is capable of asking the right questions that get you on track and gets you to focus on the aspects of your start-up that matter most. With his network he is able to link you to the right people that could result in becoming your client or partner. Gijsbert Koren, Crowdfunding consultant

From time to time I can call upon Arthur to share his entrepreneurial experiences. He is a gifted speaker who can inspire, educate and entertain at the same time. Arthur has a very amiable personality which makes working with him a pleasure. Jurjen Lengkeek, Co-Founder RDM Makerspace

I would have never expected that a short pitch of just 1 minute would require that much preparation effort. Arthur helped Lacquey in shaping and optimizing our pitch. I would recommend everyone to do the same. Richard van der Linde, CEO Lacquey

Arthur heeft op mijn verzoek een lezing gehouden over zowel pitchen als “startups & downs”voor een groep startend ondernemers. Zijn manier van vertellen is aansprekend en openhartig. Daardoor steek je er echt iets van op en kan je lering trekken uit Arthurs ervaringen. Franca van Nunen, Entrepreneur